Self-Levelling Concrete

Self-levelling concrete offers many advantages, including a brand new look consisting of levelled surfaces. If the concrete you currently have is uneven, cracked or has varying elevations, then you are in need of repair and resurfacing; self-levelling concrete is the answer. 

This solution creates smooth and flat surfaces with high compressive strengths and is polymer-modified cement that doesn’t require large volumes of water for placement. When poured, it is in liquid form and a gauging tool spreads it in place. Not only can it be installed on top of concrete but on top of ceramic tile, wood, and plywood as well. As long as you have a non-flexible surface, self-levelling concrete can be installed. 
This is different than traditional concrete floors because it provides smoothness and flatness, which you simply would not get otherwise. One of the reasons it’s becoming so popular is because, after the application process, you can add dyes, stains or decorative overlays to get the look you desire.

It is a growing trend that architects and commercial property owners love because self-levelling overlays are quick to install and you can choose to do it either pre or post-construction. You can use it to cover plywood or tile floors and is both hypoallergenic and flood-proof, making it a great choice.