Flash Coved Linoleum

Since linoleum can be flash coved and either heat or chemically welded, it allows for minimal seams and a natural antimicrobial surface healthcare facilities look for. One of the biggest selling points of linoleum is its ability to meet the rigorous requirements for sterile environments found in intensive care, operating and emergency rooms.

The product is antistatic, hypoallergenic and does not emit potentially harmful VOCs, so it contributes to good indoor air quality. Linoleum offers no ortho-phthalates or heavy metals, low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and is FloorScore certified.
While hospitals tend to like ‘shiny floors’ linoleum typically has a factory-finished wear layer with a matte sheen that can be maintained without waxing, cutting down on maintenance costs, chemical use and downtime.

Life cycle costing is another major advantage for linoleum in comparison to other commercial floors as it can wear and look well for considerably longer while requiring less maintenance. Similar to other resilient floors, linoleum comes in multiple fresh hues, and the colour and pattern extend through the entire thickness of the product.