Sports Flooring

Seamless Indoor sports flooring have become the benchmark for basketball and volleyball matches and for a very good reason. These floors are made from a rubber-based mat and several coatings of polyurethane (PU) that is poured on site, guaranteeing a truly seamless finish. This modern innovation delivers significant benefits to users and owners of the facility that other surfaces, like wood and polyvinyl (PVC) floors, can’t offer.

Indoor floors provide a ton of benefits while being less costly. Wood, especially maple, is double the price of polyurethane surfaces. While PVC is cheaper, it’s highly susceptible to damage. Repeated repairs and replacements can be expensive.
Sport Floors also have excellent impact resistance. The surface contains a first layer made using a rubber shock pad that absorbs impact, again reducing the chances of injury. This is especially needed for strenuous matches and training sessions when the athletes need to sprint up and down the court.

They can also be used for other occasions, such as parties, dances, functions and examinations, unlike polyvinyl floors that can just be used for the sport they were made for. Sport floors are even resilient enough to withstand a woman’s heels without permanently indenting the surface.