Integral Cove Base

Integral cove base system is an epoxy or urethane system designed for as an integral part of the flooring system. The vertical portion can be installed to any height at 1/16" to 1/4" thickness. Integral cove base (epoxy that extends 4-6 inches up the wall) can be installed in buildings where food preparation takes place or in manufacturing facilities. There are many advantages to installing a cove base.

This type of base eliminates anything from going under the wall and protects it from mould, mildew, etc. It also results in a clean transition from the floor to the wall. Depending on your needs, epoxy flooring can be basic or very decorative. It comes in many colours (from bright primary colours to pastels and earth tones). It can be applied in different patterns, such as checkerboard or stripes.
A few benefits to epoxy flooring include: most stains and debris won’t stick to it; it’s resistant to any chemical spills; and it’s sealed tightly, which keeps it from eroding and holding dust.

Epoxy is a thick, permanent coating that is applied uniformly to the top of a concrete surface. Concrete stain reacts with the minerals in the concrete, resulting in a look and feel of natural stone with varying degrees of intensity.