Entrance Dust Mats

Dust mats often go unnoticed when entering a commercial building, however they play an important part in health and safety. Whether they are placed in an entrance foyer or by a lift, heavy duty mats are crucial in keeping the building clean and ensuring the safety of staff and visitors.

A commercial entrance mat can help improve health and safety, especially in wet weather because the shoes are dried on the mat. It increases slip resistance, and also collects any unwanted debris which could be walked into the building from visitors’ shoes. A dust control mat ensures that the environment is as safe as possible, preventing slips, trips and falls on hard surfaces.
Because a dust control mat collects dust, mud, leaves and anything else which is undesirable on entering, it can make the rest of the building cleaner. Entrance mats effectively reduce the amount of building maintenance which needs to be carried out, as well as daily cleaning. 

Dust mats will need to be specially cleaned every so often, but this is a small sacrifice for keeping the rest of the building in good condition.