Millwork Base

In an effort to make your commercial building as functional as possible, you will send a lot of time looking at things like flooring options, baseboard styles, and trim. However, there is one component that you can add to the base of your walls to create a finished look that you may give little thought to: rubber wall bases.

Rubber wall bases act as the finishing touch where the wall meets the floor, but beyond aesthetic appeal, these wall bases offer a slew of advantages. Whether it is sweeping and mopping, using a floor scrubber, or moving fixtures, the very base of a wall can take a beating inside of a commercial building.
Rubber wall bases are resilient enough that they are not easily scuffed, and damaging them to any extent can be pretty difficult to achieve. Therefore, installing rubber wall bases is an excellent way to prevent interior wall issues with time in your commercial facility. 

Unlike wooden trim pieces that are usually used as a finishing element at the base of a wall, rubber wall bases act as an effective barrier against moisture. With the rubber wall bases in place, droplets of moisture from spills will not be allowed to slip through this seamed area and cause damage.