Stair Treads

They say, “What goes up must come down”. In the case of stairs, coming down is the much riskier proposition. While trips and falls occur going up the stairs, they tend to be more minor in nature. Trips and slips going downstairs lead to much more dangerous falls which can lead to a significant injury and liability. That’s where safety stair treads give you a big advantage.

Non-slip stair treads are used to cover existing steps for added safety, and a variety of materials are used for this purpose. The main idea behind adding them is improving the stability and the grip of each step while providing an additional amount of traction. They are extremely effective at reducing the risk of slipping or falling on a staircase.
Stair treads aren’t only great at improving safety, but they also protect the stairs from the daily traffic. They minimise the scuffs, scratches and stains that mar the surface. They take the brunt of the wear and tear and prolong the lifespan of your stairs, therefore, minimising your maintenance costs. Replacing these tread covers is much less costly than pouring or rebuilding a set of stairs.

Even when they have become worn out and damaged, they can easily be replaced with new ones, keeping the surface underneath highly protected. They can also be very helpful in strengthening and protecting the underlying construction.